Sunday, April 5, 2015

Our New Mission

Since birth, Project for Paws has donated to Heartland Animal Shelter and shipped collars to shelter dogs. As of October 2014, I began to write letters and email dog toy and food companies, asking for donations to Heartland. I wished that I could create a more creative way to combine our two focuses. And now I have. 

I came up with the idea of having "Care Packages". Each one would include a Project for Paws collar and donated treats and toys from our sponsors. Some packages would be hand delivered while others would be shipped. 

The companies that I had recently contacted with my new idea responded... and the responses were exhilarating. I plan to host Package Assembling Events with my friends, some of who are in need of service hours for school and groups. These people are now my Project for Paws volunteers - we even plan on getting t-shirts. I feel so comfortable having finally found my niche in this world!

Please stay tuned for more info on how Project for Paws has changed for the better. I promise multiple posts in the few weeks about our events, donations and sponsors. 

And don't worry! Heartland Animal Shelter is still receiving donations from us - the extras from our sponsors. I love how this has worked out.