Sunday, April 26, 2015

2 Months Vegan, 3 Years Vegetarian

As you may know, April 26h of 2012 is the day I stopped eating meat. I marked each day that animals didn't come through my body with little cupcake stickers on my calendar. When, I realized that it was way too easy to stop eating meat, I cut out the first day of my cupcake sticker. That was the day I saw my grandma making chicken soup and I felt pure sadness. That was the day where my journey to becoming the happiest, kindest, humanest person I can be started. That was a really good day. 

Today also marks my two-month anniversary of becoming a vegan. I am healthier than when I was vegetarian, happier, more energized and much more fit and active. 

Why am I a vegan?
1. It fuels my lifestyle. As a runner, yogi, rock-climber and hiker, I'm constantly looking for energy-packed foods and meals. With some many unhealthy options available, it's important to take control of your diet by choosing the foods that are best for you and your body. Among those foods are fruits and vegetables. Although I don't eat completely raw or paleo, I eat little processed foods and focus on healthy grains, plant-based proteins, fruits and vegetables. Think about it - a big juicy carrot dramatically outweighs the benefits of a big juicy burger!

2. I can eat without regrets. Before I became vegan, I always felt a tug at my heartstrings when I took a bite of something that used to have a living, breathing heart. Pigs are in the top 10 smartest animals on the Earth, among rats, crows, elephants, dolphins and - coming in first - chimpanzees. It sickens me that half of American dog owners buy their companion animals Christmas gifts, while millions of farm animals are suffering throughout the nation. Even though didn't harm the animal, I would be supporting an industry that finds nothing wrong with treating sentient beings like trash, or machinery. There was no way that I would live with myself becoming a part of that mindset.

3. I can inspire others. Although sometimes it's hard to stand up for your beliefs, I always remember why I became vegan in the first place. Sometimes I feel lonely when everyone else in the cafeteria is munching on a hot dog, when I've got a salad.Luckily, my awesome friends and family support my decision and have even thought about their choices of food. I've inspired my friend's mom to stop wearing down, my dad to stop eating pork and now I'm even working on my whole family become vegetarian. Just remember, when it comes to educating others, to never make somebody downright ashamed. Instead, share yummy vegetarian meals, recipes, tips and ideas to show them a whole new world of eating.

4. I found a whole new community. Different hobbies and lifestyles share different communities. At Cross Country, I made tons of friends who love running just as much as I do. And after eating The Lucky Oneswritten by Jenny Brown - the founder of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, I couldn't even help but not eat dairy. It made me so, so sad in tons of ways - but in even more ways, I felt impowered. After reading the book and connecting with Jenny Brown's struggles as an animal lover turned plant-eater, I realized that I could really do this. With all of these health stores, vegan alternatives, websites, books, and newly-turned vegans, I was ready to become a vegan. You can follow my vegan eating at my Pinterest as well,

5. I can live happier and healthier. These days, I feel healthier and happier than I've ever been. I feel stronger and more energized, and in a way, more connected with nature and animals. I see no difference between my dogs and my cats in my family, the squirrels running outside, and the farm animals that I no longer eat. Animals are simply just like us, species that depend on others and deserve respect and compassion. I have big dreams for saving animals and I hope that my awesome readers will be with me every step of the way. You can follow my journey at I ask you, share the hashtag,#ProudtobeVeg today to help celebrate becoming vegetarian.Be a friend to animals and I hope you realize that the world can use more compassion-filled people like you. 
Happy living!

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