TOTAL Monetary Donations: $400
              Gift Cards: 2 (each $25)

Stray Animals Rescued: 1 (a kitten named Beanie, whom was adopted in May 2015 with her bonded "brother", Tugboat)

Lost Dogs Found: 5

Project for Paws Sponsors: 


PLEASE READ: These are donations to Heartland Animal Shelter as of July 2014. The totals below DO NOT include donated products from Project for Paws sponsors.

Large Bags of Dog Food: 2

Small Bags of Dry Dog Food: 5

Small Bags of Dry Cat Food: 3

Cans of cat food: 148

Nylabones: 12

Cans of Dog Food: 70

Large Bags of Bird Seed: 5

Cases of Wet Dog Food: 4

Dog Toys: 15

Cat Toys: 12

Boxes of Cat Litter: 4

Edible Bones: 3

Cases of cat food: 2

Boxes of Dog Treats: 3

Bags of Cat Treats: 2

My birthday (2012) with the shelter's manager, Lisa

September 2012

September 2014

2012 was a successful birthday! I got 1 large bag of dogs food, 2 gallons of cat litter, three cases of kitten food and much more!

My donation box at Pet Supplies Plus

A new donation box

A collage of 2012 animal rescues!