Our Mission

I'm an average 11-year-old. I love to hang out with my cousins, have sleepovers with my friends, make friendship bracelets with my BFFs and I love to listen to music. I play the guitar, Ukelele and piano. I love to bake and make salads. I love to sing and listen to music and make music videos with my friends. I love to be outdoors and cuddle with my adopted cats. I love to go hiking with my two rescue dogs, Bigby and Krypto. I'm a proud vegan. I also started a charity have donated over a thousand dollars to my local shelter. That's where things get a little different. 

I started Project for Paws in September of 2012. I feel like a different person since then. 

I think it's really important for people, especially kids, to get interested in helping animals because I think people don't realize how important they are.
It's also really important for people to understand the realities of puppy mills. That's why it's important to adopt. For exactly that reason, I started Project for Paws.
I decorate dog and cat collars with flowers, buttons and ribbons and send to shelters across the country. 
I first sent collars to Chicago Bully Breed Rescue. Now, I decorate collars and donate the collars to animal shelters for their dogs to have something special while waiting for their forever homes!

I've expanded my mission by creating Care Packages. Each Care Package includes a handmade Project for Paws collar and donated treats and toys from our generous sponsors. 

Whenever I get out my sewing kit to make another dog collar for Project for Paws, I’m always excited to see what I can come with. But, honestly, sewing is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced.
            I can not tell you  how many times I’ve had to start my stitch all over again just because of one little mistake. But, the part that always encourages me to pick up my needle and sew it again, are the pictures and letters I get in the mail from the shelters.
            Even when I don’t get a response from a shelter though, I just look at some of the pictures of dogs wearing my collars, and I just shrug. The part that really matters is that I gave a shelter dog a collar.
              A lot of people asked me how collars help shelters. But the truth is, they don’t help shelters, they help dogs. I don’t send them because a shelter may be short on dog collars. The main reason I send them is because (most) dogs love collars.
            Whenever I take off Krypto or Bigby’s collar, they get all antsy. They finally settle down when you put their collars back on. I’ve heard a lot of different ideas of why dogs act like that with their collars. In my opinion, collars make them secure… and shelter dogs can be the most insecure dogs in the world.
            Most dogs are scared and nervous when they enter a shelter, so I think a pretty decorated collar goes a long way with a homeless dog. First of all, I think collars make dogs feel secure—and wanted.
            Second of all, 
 Project for Paws opens up opportunities that dogs might not normally get. When people see a pretty collar on a dog, they'll notice that dog. Collars draw attention. A ratty old collar might just blend in to a shelter dog and not attract attention. But a collar shows people how much pep is left in that dog’s step. Project for Paws lets dogs shine in shelters. Project for Paws gets dogs their homes. Project for Paws provides comfort.
Bigby’s not any more special than any other dog. Pretty much all dogs are incredibly amazing, just like Bigby. I created Project for Paws so that other dogs can get the chance to shine as much as Bigby has.

            Every day I just remind myself how lucky I am that Bigby came into my life. Even though someone else had wanted to adopt him before us, I’m pretty sure that my family is an incredible match for Bigby. I just think to myself of how lucky I am. I’m pretty sure Bigby does the same.