About Me

I'm Lili. I'm 12 years old and live in Illinois.
Donations of 2014
Ever since I was really little, I've cared deeply about all animals, whether it's a naked mole rat or an adorable puppy. In 2012, I became Vegetarian. I took the step farther by becoming vegan in February of 2015. In September of 2011, for my 9th birthday, I requested donations off of Heartland Animal Shelter's wishlist instead of presents. That year, we had recently adopted Bigby, our (now) 9-year-old terrier mix, from Heartland. I was stunned by the amount of donations I received. Each time, my family and friends brought hugely generous amounts of toys, food and other supplies for the homeless dogs and cats at the shelter.

In September of 2012, right before my birthday, I was inspired to help shelters in an even bigger away. Project for Paws began by combining my love of dogs, volunteering and sewing into creating dog collars decorated with buttons and ribbons and shipping them to shelters throughout the nation.
Donation of 2012
We have sent them out to approximately 8 different shelters, several collars to each. My most memorable delivery was bringing one personally to P.J., a sweet Australian Cattle Dog mix at Heartland. He spent several months already at the shelter and I visited him weekly while volunteering at Presier Animal Hospital. I would bring him Nylabones and biscuits each visit and gave him a good belly rub. Although the shelter provides love, multiple daily walks, and comfy beds, nothing replaces a forever home for any pet. After hoping for a long time that he could become part of our family, we all knew that two dogs and two cats was enough.

On September 16th, I learned that P.J. was getting adopted. The next morning was my birthday. Even though the shelter was closed, one of the staff members said that I could come say my goodbyes to 'my' dog. For an hour, I played, snuggled and spent my last time with him. I gave him a Project for Paws collar. This time, it was a little different of a delivery. He was no longer a 'shelter dog', but I wanted him to have a collar nonetheless. For some reason, I felt as bonded with him as I did my own dogs and I still miss him to this day. But I can find comfort in knowing that he has a kind and loving home... and a collar.

I have collected over $1500 dollars in donations. I have set up collection boxes, but mainly collect on my own using my dog-walking money, allowance and contacting pet food and toy companies requesting that they would kindly sponsor Project for Paws. Every time I drop of donations, which is usually about every two months or so, I feel so amazing and proud of each person that has helped me come this far in my journey.

I recently came up with the idea of  creating care packages. I combine a handmade Project for Paws collar with donated products from all of our generous shelters. Each care package is sent straight to a shelter dog in need throughout the nation.

Apart from Project for Paws, I love anything active and outdoors. When it comes to sports, I'm on cross country, take place in Runner's Worlds RunStreak every summer, play soccer with my Park District team (I hope to move up to a travel team in the new future), and play basketball with friends. In the summers, I play water polo at our local high school and assistant-coach a junior team. When I'm not playing sports, I'm listening to country music, volunteering at our local vet's office, hanging out with friends, hiking with my dogs, cooking, making salads, and baking. My favorite recipes include veggie stir-fry, vegan cupcakes, and vegan chocolate chip cookies. 

About My Pets: 

                                        Bigby - 
In 2011, I helped make the best decision of my life... to adopt Chance, an energetic, but loving, young (probably pitbull and rat) terrier mix. We renamed him Bigby and he changed my life. He inspired Project for Paws and lives each and every day to the fullest. He loves spending time outdoors, as do I, and he trains with me almost daily for the 10k I'm running later this year. He also enjoys hiking, camping, agility, fetch and is learning flyball. Bigby is the most loyal and trusting dog I've ever met, even though he was once abused and neglected before he was rescued. Bigby is goofy, athletic, strong, gentle, happy and just so happy to be alive.

Krypto is fourteen and was my first canine companion. He has been a part of our family since I was four years old - he was adopted in 2006. Although a little stubborn and a little lazy, he has the warmest, sweetest and most loving brown eyes I've ever seen. They will melt even the coldest heart! Although he is 'old' for being a Beagle mix, and spends most of his day sleeping, his long tail will wag endlessly during a walk or while playing with his stuffed animals which he lovingly gnaws on almost daily. Krypto is so gentle, spunky, handsome and sweet and everyday I'm reminded why I love animals so much in the first place. 

Frannie is our 12-year-old Siamese-mix kitty. Although she used to be a little more feral, 'sassy' as she prefers to be called, she has warmed up dramatically after our 18-year-old tabby Zoey passed away last May. Frannie is now sweet, cuddly and playful. Every night, I can expect her to come curl up on my bed and fall into a good night's slumber. When she is not bossing around our two dogs, she loves chasing and wrestling with Molly throughout the halls.

Adopted on May 25th of 2013, Molly is our adorably awesome Tabby mix. Although a little on the chubby side, she is losing weight through random activities such as climbing our Christmas tree, falling down and climbing it again, knocking several ornaments to the ground in the process. Molly is really playful, a little nuts, pretty cuddly and cute all the way. She can be seen meowing to no one particular in one room and playing with Bigby, her new bestie, in another.