Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 1: Donation from Pet Bistro

As you may know, Project for Paws has decided to change up our mission. Instead of simply sending out collars to businesses, we have decided to included donated dog toys and treats in care packages. Each week, we will be featuring one of our generous sponsors. This week we will be featuring Pet Bistro!

Shopper Store Pet Bistro, an organic dog treat company, uses the holistic approach to improving the health and lives of dogs. Their biscuits, Wild Blueberry Bark~Scotti, are full of quinoa - an easily-digestible complete protein, blueberries, and other valuable ingredients, such as safflower oil and flax seeds. We received our donation in the end of April and are so grateful for their donation to our care packages. 

The Project for Paws volunteers and I can't wait to include the biscuits in our care packages. Each package will include a tennis ball, handmade dog collar, and these treats that don't only ensure happiness, but healthiness as well! Thank you, Pet Bistro, for your generous contribution and your passion for providing healthy rewards for our canine companions.

Unboxing our donation...