Friday, June 6, 2014

The Kittens (Four Months Later)

 Hey, everyone! On June 9th, my kittens will be four months old. So many experiences have come with these incredible beings and no matter how much effort it was (with Daisy's escape--she came back and is now adopted--and these crazy little babies), I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

I was scared that I would be sad when they left, but I couldn't be happier for these kittens and their new lives!

These are recaps of my kittens and their adoptions and my favorite pictures of them:

Before my kittens, there was a little of two kittens and the shelter named Raisin and Gatsby. When Gatsby got adopted, Raisin was miserable. I went to the shelter one day and Raisin was just meowing there, sadly. Good news came, though. Tulip, who I was afraid would be sad without her snuggly siblings, got adopted--with Raisin! I wish them all the best.

This rambunctious and sassy little girl got adopted first. She certainly has a personality that will keep her new family laughing (and on their toes!)
Congratulations, Cammy-Bammy!

My kittens' adoption stories are some of the most perfect I've ever heard. Snapdragon's is quite special, too.

My friend from Piano Lessons and her family struck the jackpot when they adopted two very special cats.
Snapdragon and his mama always loved each other very much. He was definitely a mama's boy! And yep, you guessed it, in honor of Mother's Day, Daisy and Snappy got a happy ending!

After Daisy's terrifying escape, she finally got the forever home she deserved, with her adorable son. Best of luck to you both!


This beautiful tabby is somehow not found her happy ending. Why? No one knows! Tiger Lilly is lovable, snuggly AND playful! Come meet this sweet darling today at Heartland Animal Shelter in Northbrook, IL.

And to learn more about this princess, visit!

UPDATE: Tiger Lilly was adopted into her loving home. Congrats, Tiger!

Thanks so much!
Lili <3