Friday, August 15, 2014


Hi, guys!

I wanted to do a post for all you guys about fostering. For the foster families out there, you guys certainly know the love, joy and gratitude that vibrates off of an animal in foster care. It's true, though, that some animals can take longer to adjust into their temporary (foster) home, but they truly are grateful.

This is Camellia, a kitten that I fostered
(along with her mother and 3 siblings).
Leroy, a recipient of a PfP collar, was in foster care.

My 13-year-old Beagle/Sheltie, Krypto, was a foster fail (a foster pet that you end up adopting)
 for my family. Proof that these kinds of fails area awesome!

This is Tigerlilly, a kitten that I fostered in April (Camellia's sister).

Daisy, the mother of four kittens, is a tabby that I fostered in April.
My friend's family ended up adopting her and her son, Snapdragon.

I love fostering for so many reasons, but here a few:
  1. If you're not looking for the entire energy and monetary commitment of adopting, fostering is a great option because most shelters pay for all of the pet's food and supplies and make it easy to care for your animal. The shelter that I fostered through, Heartland Animal Shelter, is great because they made everything as smooth as possible and made sure that we were comfortable with everything.
  2. When they are fostered, the chances of a pet returning to a shelter is greatly decreased. Animals that were fostered tend to be calmer and more comfortable in their forever home because they're used to being around people and out of a shelter environment. 
  3.  The rewards go on and on! I never regret having fostered and I never will no matter how many times I do it! It's priceless seeing pictures of your fosters enjoying their new homes and it's also great on the people end of it. The new families are always eternally grateful for their new addition. 
So please, look for a shelter or rescue group in your area that's in need of foster families and spread the word. Trust me, it's worth it!
Please remember to spay and neuter,
Lili <3