Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shelter Dogs and Shelter Cats (Exclusive! Foster cat family update!)



At Preiser Animal Hospital in,  Northbrook, IL, where I volunteer, I get to work with shelter animals.
It's a great opportunity for me. I especially love prepping dogs and cats for their spays and neuters and giving them toys I bought with my allowance. Every dog and cat is so grateful for just a minute of TLC.

It's the best thing ever!

Also, we have news! Last Sunday, May 11th, Daisy escaped! She tore a whole in the screen of my bedroom window and jumped from the second story. She was missing for three days. She came back last night. No more adventures, Daisy!

She will be going home very soon with one of the kittens, the only boy, named Snapdragon. My friend will be adopting her and her baby!

Two of the other kittens, have adoptions pending, so that's one to go if these adoptions follow through we only have one to go. Let's get these babies into homes ASAP. To adopt, go to Thank you!

Please Remember to Spay and Neuter,