Saturday, May 24, 2014

PLEASE VIEW! Molly's Video

Hi everyone!
It's Lili. I just wanted to post a video with updates about our cat who we rescued on May 25th of 2013. Tomorrow is this sweet little kitty's birthday, so we wanted it to be extra special. We already got her a cute purple little cat Kong, and a huge purple crinkly tunnel. We might even build her a catio (an outdoor enclosure for cats)! But Molly deserves something special because she had a rough start on life. As a kitten, cold, scared and hungry, Molly was found on the streets. She was brought to high kill shelter in downtown Chicago by an Animal Control officer. From the high kill shelter, Molly was rescued by Adopt-a-Pet, IL. We have adopted our dog Krypto and our other cat Frannie from this rescue, so we decided to look on their website after our beloved 18-year-old tabby, Zoey, passed away. 

We found Molly's (previously named Brie's) picture of her bumping noises with a parrot and a video of her snuggling with puppies. Our dog Bigby loved to hang out with Zoey and even tried to hang out with Frannie, being the 'cat-loving' dog he is. So we knew that he would not want a cat that didn't like him. So we went to Molly's foster mama's house and we took her home that night... for some reason it just seemed right.

We learned that is WAS right, because we couldn't have adopted a cooler cat! Molly does cuddle with Bigby on occasion and loves to walk outside on her leash. She enjoys food (Adopt-a-Pet  fostered her at a rescued pet store where she stole food before she came to her foster mama's house) and eats practically everything. My playing with her and giving her 'low-calorie' food, we're getting Molly back to the right numbers on the scale. This is one awesome cat, who went through a heck of a lot to get to her perfect home. In our house, that's worth celebrating. So please watch Molly's video this weekend and share it with any animal lovers you know and tell them to share it again. Please like and favorite this video, too. Our goal is 500 views by Sunday (tomorrow). We can do this!

Thanks so much,