Friday, May 9, 2014

More Kitten Pictures and Updates!

 Here is Daisy, our mama foster cat. She was recently diagnosed with Mastitis, but she is being treated and she'll be okay. Since she still has milk in her ducts and Mastitis, she won't be spayed very soon. We were planning it for Monday, but we'll have to wait until a few days afterwards. The kittens are at the shelter (we had to drop them off yesterday) because it isn't safe to drink Daisy's milk, even though they're eating solid food they nurse still a bit. They'll be at the shelter until they're spayed and neutered, and then they'll come back to my house for a few days to recover.

 Tiger Lily is awesome. She's turning into a beautiful kitten who loves to take care of her siblings. She's amazing!
 Daisy is really a great mama, though and takes exceptional care of her kittens (except she's a bit of a food hog.)
 Tigerlily is so cute!
 She's very photogenic.
 Tulip is always the first to wake up after nap-time.
Sleep little Tiger Lily!
 Tiger Lily loves to snuggle with Camellia. They're total BFFs. Tulip is BFFs with Snapdragon, too.
 Camelia is so peaceful when she sleeps!
 Tulip loves to snuggle with Snapdragon on my big butterfly chair.

Camelia is crazy, but we can catch a non-blurry picture of her every once in a while. :-)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Remember to spay and neuter,

P.S. If one person had spayed Daisy, these kittens wouldn't be looking for homes. This is very important lesson!