Monday, April 14, 2014

Foster Kittens

Hi, everyone!
It's Lili. Right now I'm fostering four 1-month-old kittens and their 9-month-old mama, Daisy! The kittens are named Tulip (female), Tigerlily (female), Camelia (female), and Snapdragon (male). They are so darling and as you know I love to help animals as much as I can. Right now, my current Project for Paws mission are these sweet little homeless kittens.

I decided to help support the rescue cat community with these adorable memes that I made using the website   It's really easy and simple to use (thanks, Pic-Monkey!). I hope you share this post with your friends and family. Who knows? These pictures might go viral!


Snapdragon (Snappy)

Tigerlily (Tiger)

Tulip (TuTu)

Camelia (Cammy)

Daisy (Dais-a-Licious!)