Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week 6: Donation from I and Love and You

As you may know, Project for Paws has decided to change up our mission. Instead of simply sending out collars to businesses, we have decided to include donated dog toys and treats in care packages. Each week, we will be featuring one of our generous sponsors. This week we will be featuring I and Love and You!
Created with minimally processed human-quality ingredients and humanely-raised meats, I and Love and You ensures the most sustainable pet treats and foods around. With entirely wind-powered operations and striving to become a Zero Waste facility, the company hopes to create a truly eco-friendly society. We love what they do and are so grateful for their donation.

In Mid-April, we received a box full of dog food sample packs and treats, such as their Nice Jerky: Venison bites. These products will go perfectly with our Project for Paws care packages!
Bigby approves of these treats. 
Nice Jerky: Venison

Red Meat Medley Recipe Dog Food