Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 5: Donation from Himalayan Dog Chew

As you may know, Project for Paws has decided to change up our mission. Instead of simply sending out collars to businesses, we have decided to include donated dog toys and treats in care packages. Each week, we will be featuring one of our generous sponsors. This week we will be featuring Himalayan Dog Chew!

 Himalayan Dog Chew has a simple mission: to provide the highest pet food and products in the world. They achieve this mission however, in many ways. Himalayan Dog Chews are sourced from the milk of cattle and yaks in the Himalayas, mostly from Nepal. With cattle raised on natural pastures and farmers receiving the utmost respect and training, Himalayan Dog Chews are not only natural, but original.

We are so grateful for their generous donation of Yaky Puffs and dog chews. Providing a yummy treat to keep them happy and stimulated, we're positive the shelter dogs are grateful, as well.
Unboxing our donation...

Yaky Puffs