Monday, November 3, 2014

Announcing the Holiday Project for Paws Store!

Big News!!!!

Starting Black Friday, (November 28th) and up until December 26th (another Friday) handmade Project for Paws collars will be up for sale!

How Can I Buy? 
Here, open through November 28th until December 26th, you can purchase our handmade collars! To purchase, please you will contact us (it's easy as can be). We will respond within 24 hours and send you our current selection of collar and ribbon colors and patterns, if you wish to customize your collar. If not, you can look at the 'Store' page (coming soon) to select a premade collar to buy.

Can I Customize My Collars? 
Yes! You can either buy an already-made collar for 11.00 or a customized collar for 15.00 If you wish to purchase a customized collar, contact us. We will respond within 24 hours with our current selection of collar and ribbon colors and patterns. We will have, on average, 12 ribbons, 5 button colors, and 4 different collar colors to choose from at any given time. You must allow for 1 extra week to customize your collar.

How Long Does It Take? 
Starting from the day that purchase an already-made collar you should expect it to arrive in 2 weeksIf you are buying a customized collar, you must allow for an additional week for creation/processing. 

How Much Do They Cost? 
 You can either buy an already-made collar for 10.00 or a customized collar for 15.00, plus shipping and handling fees.

What Do the Proceeds Go Towards?
100% of the net profits raised by each collar sale will benefit the Project for Paws fund. The money in the fund will go towards donating to our sponsored shelter or sending out our shelter dog collars. If Project for Paws has rescued an animal, the fund may also go towards the care of that animal (currently the money would mainly go towards our current rescue kitten, Beans).

Are There Any Discounts/Deals on the Collars? 
There will be once the store launches.

Why is the Store Only Open For a Limited Time? 
If successful, our holiday store will be open annually. Most stores mainly make their money around the holidays, when people are purchasing gifts.

How Else Can I Help Project for Paws? 
Additionally to buying a collar, you can also donate a collar to a shelter dog in need. Your add-on purchase for a shelter dog collar will pay for all the shipping and handling fees of sending a collar to deserving pup. Shipping and handling fees put a large dent in the Project for Paws fund, unfortunately. The price for a Home for the Holidays collar will be determined shortly.