Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Best of 2013

Hi everyone!

I am literally the only one that can't believe that 2013 is over? I don't really think so. I've talked with my family and friends and we've all shared good memories about this past (that's crazy saying that!) year.
We've heard lots of good songs, read tons of amazing books, ate lots of good food, saw countless action movies (Catching Fire!), and have had incredible experiences that we'll never forget. This year, we read 'that great book' and watched 'the best show ever' but we also did 'the coolest things of our lives!'
           As you can probably guess a lot of my 'coolest things' were animal related.

Cuddling with Bigby on the couch, dropping off donations at Heartland Animal Shelter, visiting a cool restaurant in Wisconsin, spending time with an adoptable dog at Paws Chicago, and playing with Bigby.

  1. Bigby and I discovered a fun new place to explore once a month--the outdoor tennis courts by our house. We live near this really big tennis courts that people rarely use, so we decided to take the dogs there. Krypto had fun barking at birds and snuggling with my dad, while Bigby fetched me his brand new tennis ball again and again.
  2. I donated over 700$ of supplies (my birthday, my collection box at Pet Supplies Plus, my allowance,) to Heartland Animal Shelter. We also collected about 1500 cans of cat and dog food and over 50 dog toys. We also donated 6 boxes of cat litter and eight extra-large bags of dog food. Plus, a lot more!
  3. We sent out approximately 10 collars to years to a variety of rescues, shelters and sanctuaries. We donated our decorated collars to places like Love-a-Bull and Bad Rap (both Pit-bull rescues). And, for the first time, we sent out a cat collar. That collar went to Tabby's Place (a humane cat sanctuary for all kinds of felines to live out their lives or wait to get adopted).
  4. We contacted pet food (and toy) companies asking to donate their products to Project for Paws's cause. We haven't heard from most of the companies yet but we're still trying and we're really hoping to succeed!
  5. We welcomed a new furry-friend into our house, Molly! We adopted Molly on May 25th after we had to say goodbye to our beloved 18-year-old tabby, Zoey. We got Molly from Adopt-a-Pet, a foster-home based rescue. Molly was even featured on the rescue's annual newsletter!