Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy World Animal Day!

Hi, everyone.

Today, as you may very well know, is World Animal Day. Today is a day for our wonderful furry (feathered, gilled, scaly, even fur-less) friends. Maybe these companions live in your house or maybe you happen to consider furry friends as the sparrows and robins that live in your favorite oak tree. Whatever the words "Furry Friend" mean to you, today is the day that we celebrate those creatures.

But, we should not only celebrate animals today, but as well every other day!

Here are some ways to show how much you love animals!

Shop With A Cruelty-Free Conscious 
Check out your favorite cosmetic brands to look for the Leaping Bunny Logo.

Help Out a Shelter Pet
Consider fostering a pet for your local shelter.

Sponsor an Animal
Sometimes it takes a while for an animal to get into the adoption process. If you would like to help an animal like that, consider sponsoring an animal. A great animal sanctuary called Best Friends, in Utah, has a Guardian Angel   program, where you can sponsor an animal that has to have treatment or therapy before they can be adopted.

Meat-Free Monday
Try out a meat-free day once a week!

Shelters always appreciate monetary donations, but a lot of times, donations of supplies and food are just as important. Look up some shelters and your area and go to their websites. Most shelters have a wish-list. Consider making a donation.

Wild Friends
Not-so-domestic animals also need your help, too! Consider getting a bird feeder (a great decoration for any backyard!) and filling it with seed and suet once a week. This is especially important during the winter.

Thanks for helping me help animals!