Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 8: Donation from Bark Stix

As you may know, Project for Paws has decided to change up our mission. Instead of simply sending out collars to businesses, we have decided to include donated dog toys and treats in care packages. Each week, we will be featuring one of our generous sponsors. This week we will be featuring Bark Stix

In Mid-May, Bark Stix sponsored us with a shipment of 24 treat packages.

We received 24 packages of their meat-packed Wheat-Free Munchies. These treats are made without common allergens, such as wheat and soy, and are sure to be gobbled up by any pup.

The Co-Founders of Bark Stix

Thank you so much to Bark Stix for their support. The shelter dogs whom received the treats were beyond thrilled! We delivered 30 care packages to Heartland Animal Shelter, one for each shelter dog complete with toys, treats, and dog chews.
I can't wait to complete another delivery - and I couldn't do it without my generous sponsors like Bark Stix.


A bag of the donated Wheat-Free Munchies and a Project for Paws collar