Sunday, November 30, 2014


I know that the Holidays are busy. They are also my 2nd favorite time of year (1st is Summer, obviously). They are full of shopping, family time, baking and (usually) fun. This year, I'm extra busy - selling my collars!!

Also, more great news. Rachael Ray's Pet Food Company: Nutrish, has donated over 5 bags of dog food and 5 bags of cat food! Thank you so much, to this generous company.

Please remember to consider Project for Paw's fundraiser as we give Willow the Broken Kitten the 2nd chance that she deserves. So, if you're stumped with a gift idea for your dog-savvy friend or your fashionable furry friend herself, look no further than an authentic Project for Paws collar!

We will be having a holiday market to sell the collars at this weekend, so I hope to sell some collars there. Wish us luck!

Please remember to spay and neuter,