Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Trip to PAWS Chicago!

Today, I went to the coolest animal shelter in the WORLD! PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) Chicago is a modern, bright, happy, place with awesome dog posters lining the walls.

I brought a bunch of donations (toys, leashes, collars, food, cleaning supplies,) and they were thrilled.
First, we went to Kitty City.

 The rooms for the cats were just wonderful. The cats all looked so happy and comfortable.
 They had lots of comfy pillows and cool toys for cats to use as they were waiting for their forever homes.
 The furniture include lawn chairs, large cushions and cool shelves/perches on the walls.
 The staff was really helpful and incredibly friendly.

After filling out a survey, we headed to "Dog Town".
 This little pup was one of my favorites. So cute!
 These busy chihuahuas were running around and playing in their cool little room. Look at that little dog house and deck!
 These cute poodle mixes were snuggled together on their bed.

Then, we met Bionic. This three-legged sweetheart had the spirit of any other dog and was having not one bit of trouble without one of his front legs.
  We fell in love. We almost took him home! But, how on earth can we manage two cats, three dogs (plus four snails)? Unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to care for him and hopefully, he'll be adopted soon.