Saturday, December 8, 2012


I just finished sewing a collar for Rolling Dog Farm.
I've also been sewing tons of stuffed dog toys.
I let Bigby pick out two this morning for Christmas.
He chose the yellow one and the purple one.
Krypto doesn't want one.
I'm thinking of sending some off with my collar packages.
I'm gonna send three to Rolling Dog Farm today along with a braided fleece tug-toy for one of the dogs.
I already took pictures, but, I'm going to send of the collars before uploading them.
Then, I'm going to pick up my stuff from Pet Supplies Plus for my Heartland Animal Shelter Donation Drive.
Since, you know, people donate to places around the holidays, I hope that there will be extra stuff.
People are nice like that. :)

Last week, we went to Heartland and dropped off a ton of stuff from the donation box.
Someone even brought three giant bags of dog food! (Thank you, whoever that was!)

I'll post the pictures from Rolling Dog Farm soon!