Monday, December 31, 2012

A Review of 2012

2012 was great year for Project for Paws.

Look at all these donations to Heartland Animal Shelter!

This box is going to be at the library very soon.
I hope that I get just as much stuff as I do at my Pet Supplies Plus box!
This is my donation box at Pet Supplies Plus right now.
I get on average about 15-20 cans of dog and cat food, one large bag of dry dog food and a box of dog treats a week.
 I'm doing pretty good!

I decorate dog collars and send them to shelters and sanctuaries!
This collar went to Rolling Dog Farm.

So did this one.

And this one.

These two collars went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. 

In September, I sent two collars to Chicago Bully Breed Rescue, too!
I have three collars right now that I'm getting ready to send to Bad Rap Pitbull Rescue in California soon!

 This is a little video about Bigby at our house.
It features his cuddling time, his playtime, his training time, his crazy time and his little quirks.