Saturday, September 8, 2012


This morning, I thought about how much I've changed my dogs life--and how much they've changed mine.. I thought about how much I understand Bigby. We both love to be active and love it outside. We both hate it when it's cold outside. We both hate being bored. We both love to race each-other across the yard. We both love to bond over training. I always make sure, I am not away from my dogs for too long, because I know they often get bored at home. I do everything I can to make my dogs feel special and needed in our family. I always make sure that the dogs are feeling alright and are fine. I always play with Bigby and pick him up when he's scared. I think that it's important to a dog for you to do that--well, any animal, really.
I think that it's the little things that count, like paying as much attention as possible to your pets before you go somewhere.
If you love animals, they'll you love you a ton back.
I've learned that from experience.